Our mission: to make online learning not just accessible, but also enjoyable.
Math is foundational and constantly present in the daily events of our lives. However, math seems to inspire more anxiety than enthusiasm. We wanted to help change that.

With this mission in mind, our team of math experts and educators developed YouScore's engaging and interactive platform for delivering standards based math content to K12 students. This FREE math test prep and practice platform serves the diverse learning needs of students with customized learning plans, skills building exercises, and step by step help for every math question. As a powerful supplement to classroom learning, YouScore helps students to practice and master the math skills that they learned in class.

In addition to math learning, our team wanted to come up with a solution that would combine math learning and rewards. Individual students using YouScore accrue points that can be redeemed at stores, restaurants, or used as funds towards their favorite cause or charity. For schools, PTAs, and organizations, students practice their math skills on YouScore while simultaneously accruing rewards for your school, class, field trip, or organization.

Here is what differentiates YouScore from other online learning programs:

  • FREE program that combines online K12 math learning with real rewards.
  • Rewards based model motivates students to accrue points while they are building math skills.
  • Individual students can practice math from the comfort of home and redeem reward points to select stores, restaurants, or causes.
  • Schools, classes, PTAs, and organizations/non-profits use accrued student reward points towards fundraising intiatives.
  • Social and Collaborative features include online study groups and a global teachers network allows teachers to connect and share ideas.
  • Hassle free program implementation and easy to use.
  • Effective tool for math test prep and practice using an interactive learning.
  • As part of our expansion, YouScore will offer additional subjects in the near future.