User-friendly technology platform to encourage students to study because they get rewarded for all their practice. The more they study, the more they learn and the more they learn, the more they earn!
Individual Students
  • Earn Reward points and redeem rewards at stores, restaurants, or gift your rewards to your school or favorite charity.
  • FREE Math test prep and practice.
  • Connect with other students and join online study groups.
  • Step by step help for every math question.
  • Fun math games and puzzles.
Schools, Teachers, and PTAs
  • FREE educational based fundraising approach.
  • K12 students learn math and earn reward points.
  • Math strategy and content created by math professionals using Common Core Standards and the globally recognized CSBE standards.
  • Hassle free implementation and minimal learning curve for teachers.
  • Teachers easily create customized learning plans, math activities, and math homework for classes or individual students in minutes.
  • YouScore empowers teachers and acts as a powerful supplement to class curriculum.
  • Perform your social responsibility by encouraging math learning while raising funds for your organization or charitable cause.
  • Network with other participating organizations using the YouScore platform.