Math Practice = Big Rewards for Students. Only on YouScore!

YouScore is a platform which truly believes in associating real value with hard work. It makes studying and learning really worth your while, because it actually recognizes your efforts. While you’re focused on solving more and more Math problems so that you get the concepts right, you’re also accruing reward points.

Top-Notch Online Math Learning and Practice. Powered by YouScore.

When it comes to school and homework, who doesn’t need help? Apart from those lucky few who are naturally gifted and super-achievers, we all need some help! YouScore is designed to be an effective supplement to classroom learning for math test prep and practice.

Built by a team of math experts, educators, and IT professionals, math content is delivered in an interactive format and based on the Common Core Standards (USA) and globally recognized CBSE Standards of India.

Math is Tough? Not with our Customized Learning Plans.

YouScore is committed to making the whole experience of learning Math engaging, easy-to-understand, and fun. We follow a needs-oriented approach by creating personalized learning plans. The idea is to zero in on every student's strengths and challenge areas. Keeping every student's needs in mind, YouScore enables the delivery of made-to-order, curriculum-based, and flexible study modules which are designed to target the unique learning needs of every student.

Get rewarded for your hard work - Work on individual need areas with customized plans - Build new connections across the world - User friendly math content to simplify learning

Features Summary


FREE program that combines online K12 math learning with real rewards.

Reward Based Model

Rewards based model motivates students to accrue points while they are building math skills.

Comfort of Home

Individual students can practice math from the comfort of home and redeem reward points to select stores, restaurants, or causes.

Fundraising Intiatives

Schools, classes, PTAs, and organizations/ non-profits use accrued student reward points towards fundraising intiatives.


Social and Collaborative features include online study groups and a global teachers network allows teachers to connect and share ideas.

Hassle Free Program

Hassle free program implementation and easy to use.

Interactive Learning

Effective tool for math test prep and practice using an interactive learning.

More Offerings

As part of our expansion, YouScore will offer additional subjects in the near future.