How It Works

YouScore makes Math Learning fun. Students Earn Real Rewards for Math Practice!

Helps Students Improve Test Scores in Math

YouScore is designed to act as a powerful supplement to classroom learning. Due to limited time in the classroom, students typically do not have enough time to practice the math concepts that they have just learned in class. This can result in math confusion and frustration. YouScore picks up math learning when class ends by reinforcing math concepts in learning sessions followed by targeted math practice sessions.

Targeted Practice

Students have the ability to select math topics where they need the most help. Practice sessions are self-paced and designed to help students improve their test scores in math.

Instant Feedback and Real-Time Progress

Students are provided with instant feedback on incorrectly answered questions. A detailed ScoreCard is also provided after each completed practice session. Students can view their progress report at any time to track their strength and challenge areas.

Students stay motivated with YouScore Rewards

YouScore is the only program of its kind to offer a true “Learn & Earn” model. Students accrue reward points that can be redeemed for actual rewards, such as online gift cards (with parental consent). By earning rewards while learning, students stay engaged and motivated to continue their YouScore math practice.