YouScore Rewards

YouScore Reward Points = Real Rewards

Students earn reward points by completing math sessions. With consistent math practice, students will earn enough reward points to cash in for real rewards. All account types (student, parent and Homeschool families) earn reward points for various YouScore activities, such as setting up an account and referring YouScore to friends.

Tracking Reward Points

You will be able to see the total amount of earned Reward Points at anytime by logging into your account and viewing your “Total Points” located in the right area of your screen. View more detailed information about your earned points and redeem rewards in the “My Rewards” area of your Dashboard.

YouScore Rewards

Login to your account and click the “My Rewards” icon on your Dashboard. Once you have earned enough points to redeem a reward, you select a vendor of your choice and confirm that you wish to use your points. All rewards are emailed as e-giftcards within 48 hours of redemption. Parents, who have created YouScore student accounts for their children, will redeem rewards on behalf of their children.