What is YouScore?

YouScore’s Math Program is a simple yet Innovative Rewards-based educational platform

A product of Entrivis Technologies (formerly known as Datamatics), it is developed by a team of talented education, technology and design professionals.

YouScore’s “Win-Win” approach helps students build math skills while accruing points towards tangible rewards

Engaging, interactive, and fun math skills building activities for K12 students.

Targeted math practice and test prep based on the Common Core Standards and globally recognized CBSE standards of India.

Boosts student math achievement through guided math test prep and effective math practice

It’s Simple! Students build their math skills and accrue reward points while practicing math at their own pace.

Reward Points may be redeemed for exciting vouchers from our Reward Partners

YouScore is an everyday educational resource for a large variety of users.


Acts as a powerful supplement to classroom and homeschool learning.

Provides a safe, nurturing, and fun learning environment for students.

Provides self-paced learning, test prep, and real time progress tracking for students.

Individual students may redeem their accrued reward points at popular stores and restaurants.

Teachers & Homeschool Families

Teachers save hours a day by creating customized learning plans for classes or students in minutes.

Automatic tracking and reporting features allow teachers to track student activities and accrued points.

Teachers collaborate socially on YouScore and share content with fellow teachers.

Youth Groups and Non-Profits

Mathematicians & Educators developed YouScore's Math content and strategy using Common Core Standards and the globally recognized CBSE Standards of India

Schools and groups using YouScore may choose to use the combined reward points of their students towards school supplies, etc